Special Announcement

Greetings Everyone!

We (Connie and I) are preparing to leave on a Mariam Pilgrimage to Portugal, Spain, and Italy and will visit many Marian Sanctuaries. We are going with three other priests, six sisters and 120 other pilgrims. 

Us Deacons at DEACON5 pray for our D5 family regularly. I know that you are also Prayer Warriors and have a list of people we pray for too. So, If you have any personal request that Connie and I can carry with us, please feel free to send me an email with the name of the person we are praying for and any details that you would like to share. I will print them and personally carry these requests with me to each sanctuary.

We leave this Sunday so please send your request beforehand so I can print them. You can send your request to my email … raygallego@mac.com.

Peace Be with You All.

Deacon Ray & Connie Gallego

2 thoughts on “Special Announcement

  1. Hi Deacon Ray, Thank you for the opportunity to share prayer requests. Please pray for my sister, Andrea, and my brother, Andrew. My Mom and I pray that you and Connie travel safely and enjoy a blessed journey.

    Blessings, John ________________________________

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